A Story of Growth: Andco Studio & Morgans Consult 

A Story of Growth: Andco Studio & Morgans Consult 

Sometimes a company experiences growing enquiries that calls for an expansion of their business. Sometimes the stars align, and companies work together for mutual benefit. 

For Morgans Consult and Andco Studio, both ring true – sort of. 

You see, Morgans Consult did indeed experience growing enquiries related to further services, and they did indeed consider the avenues they could take to expand the business.  

However, rather than expand the existing business, they went a few steps beyond – they created a brand-new specialised business instead. It was us, Andco Studio. 

The Demand for Design Skills 

The work that Morgans Consult carry out – signage, wayfinding and branding – and the businesses they work with – BBC, ISG, local councils & tons of household names – resulted in many of their existing clients enquiring about related (and unrelated) design work. 

Absolutely everything we see and use in life (both physically and digitally) requires elements of design. 

From simple and minimalist, to functional, creative and ground-breaking. 

Whether it takes seconds, hours, days, weeks or months, there is design in everything. 

In fact, some things take years to design, like an AEG dishwasher arm

Yes, we Googled that to find out. 

The signage and branding work that Morgans Consult carry out for their clients requires a great deal of design consideration, so as the demand for design skills grew, it became increasingly clear that there was an opportunity to implement design services in some form to make the entire client journey – from design concept through to manufacture and installation – as seamless as possible. 

But Why Start A New Company? 

The reason Andco Studio was created was because the design skills and services that we offer reach far beyond that of just Morgan Consult’s clients. 

We quickly realised that the design team we neatly put together can offer an abundance of experience and skillsets that bring value to any business, organisation or individual within any sector – especially in a collaborative sense whereby companies often want to blend their existing skills with other specialists. 

If anything, it was us at Andco Studio that soon clocked our need for expansion as soon as we hit the ground running. 

It’s not just design for signage and various branding interior projects that we specialise in.  

It’s also design for the creation or overhaul of entire physical spaces, the design of innovative or interactive products, the design of illustrative artworks, the design of websites, 3D visualisation, photography, videography…. you get the idea. 

Andco Studio were more than an expansion of a business.  

We were made to fill a glaring gap in the design space that can help put every piece of the design puzzle together. 

We can design with you, and we can design for you