What Do We Mean by Design for the Physical World? 

What Do We Mean by Design for the Physical World? 

We’ll get straight to the point, in vague layman’s terms – then we’ll expand on things a little. 

When we say we offer creative design for the physical world, we mean that we quite literally design all different types of things for all different types of uses to go in all different types of places. 

That really is vague…
What things? What uses? What places? 

We design everything from signs & wayfinding systems to graphics to bespoke items or products & all that’s in between. 

We design the interior & exterior of locations & entire venues so they can be transformed into something extraordinary. 

Typical “physical world” spaces that we design include: 

  • Visitor Centres
  • Hospitality (anything from hotels to bars & restaurants)
  • Retail (individual stores as well as entire shopping centres) 
  • Event Exhibitions 
  • Country Parks
  • Museums 
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • TV Studio Sets

Within these spaces, whether small scale or large, we often design the entire scope of the project. 

A business, organisation, local authority or other entity will communicate their proposed project to us. Our team will then collaborate with their team (& any other required specialists) to create the designs that will allow the project to progress to reality. 

Specific themes, stories &/or company brand guidelines are often incorporated into the project to ensure the design we put together follows a certain vision & echoes the voice of the client. 

I think I get it… but can you give me an example? 

museum example


So, let’s say you’ve been drafted in as the creative director of a museum.  

In one large section of the museum there are dinosaur bones, ultra-rare fossils & all kinds of other incredible Mesozoic Era findings that date back millions of years. 

The items exhibited are truly fascinating, but the section is looking rather bland. 
It doesn’t do the exhibition justice! 

Once visitors arrive at the dinosaur section, they follow standard boring signs that direct them through drab & dated sub-sections. 

It’s clean, but it’s drab.  

They currently walk through the section & peer at the exhibits through glass while learning a few dinosaur names & facts from decade-old plastic plaques, before shuffling out & moving on to the anthropology section. 

This space needs an overhaul to improve the entire visitor experience. 

You’re tasked with injecting something exciting into this section 

You’re handed a budget & tasked with updating the dinosaur section to make it far more exciting, informative & engaging for visitors. 

This is where we can step in & design the entire space to provide something that both educates & entertains your visitors within a fresh & stimulating environment. 

We can design… 

…a brand-new layout & map out a dinosaur themed way-finding signage system to help navigate visitors, exhibition display cabinets, a new atmospheric lighting & sound set-up, information signs, themed illuminated interactive displays, rock textured walls & wallpaper graphics, a themed seating area, dinosaur themed bins!  

The creative opportunities for design rolls on & on. 

Though we’re afraid any dinosaur bones we design will be replicas. 

The design of this entire dinosaur-themed section can then be presented to you as a 3d visualisation so that you have an exact understanding of how the space will appear. 

Do you have a space in the physical world that you’d like us to design? Or do you want to learn more about the designs we can create for the physical world? 

If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our collaborative creative team here at Andco Studio by calling 0330 124 8514, e-mailing hello@andco.studio or by completing our online project form.