Royal Navy National
Submarine Museum

An immersive visitor experience

We’ve designed an immersive visitor experience that engages a varied customer base, both young and old, and communicates the proud history of the Royal Navy’s submarine division. 

Through bold text, colours, and image treatments we’ve presented complex information in a way that transforms the space, catches the eye, and immerses visitors into the world of submarines.

Design for the Physical World

Our parent company, Morgans Consult, produced an in-depth survey of the museum, giving us creative license to redesign each space. With impactful typography and question-based messaging, our designs draw the visitor in from a distance, to find out more about each exhibit.

Linking Past and Present

We used bold colours to breathe life into the designs, making historic black and white imagery feel current, engaging, and immersive. We used the same treatment for contemporary imagery, to create visual links between the past and present.

Design in another dimension

Ensuring exhibits were immersive, experiential and tactile, we 3D modelled a range of elements. We designed wall displays to house 3D printed submarines, scaled down versions of the full-size, explorable submarines on the site. To ensure all visitors could easily navigate the site, we created 3D tactile map of the museum.


We’ve tried to make every display feel authentic, immersing visitors into the world of the servicemen and women who’s stories we’re conveying. We created displays that communicate lots of information in an engaging way, in this case, facts, figures and images from past “top-secret” naval missions are presented as confidential dossiers.

Design for all ages

This is a museum that should engage and inspire visitors of all ages. While our use of colour, typography, and imagery is all designed to engage a younger audience, we designed a designated area filled with activities to entertain younger children. Polar bear paw prints on the exhibition floor help lead children to activity areas.


The museum features a range of historic artefacts, used to bring the story of the submarine service to life. There’s a wealth of information available for each artifact so we worked with the exhibition curators to ensure information is presented clearly, accessibly and in a considered manner, making decisions on which information is the most eye-catching, engaging, and will draw visitors in to learn more.


Visitors spend the majority of their time in the museum surrounded by historic artefacts, immersed in the past. Strategic use of technology adds an unexpected dimension to the visitor experience. We designed a series of digital activations throughout the museum. Using audio and video, we enabled servicemen and women from the past to tell their stories directly to visitors.