What we do.

As a versatile team of creatives with a passion for design we spend our time forming visionary concepts & bringing them to life to tell a compelling story.

We are all about collaboration. Whether you are a business with an existing design team looking for distinct skills that are beyond your repertoire or are looking for a full-scale graphic design company that has the tools to take your entire vision by the horns & create something special, Andco Studio are here & eager to collaborate. 

Using the plethora of tools available at our disposal, we offer creative design for the physical environment – both inside and out. 

Crossing the offline and online world, we enhance spaces both physically and digitally. 

Graphic Design.

Our creative graphic design team have a wealth of experience working with well known brands and understand the importance of ensuring the brand is brought to life. We work in harmony with in-house design & marketing teams to create engaging visual designs that make you stand out from your competition. 

Branding Pughs Garden Village

Signage design.

Our specialist technical signage design team have years of experience designing creative sign concept packages for a range of different environments & industries. Due to our extensive signage knowledge & available resources, we go beyond creating attractive designs and consider suitable material choice, fixing methods & can even produce real life prototypes.

Our team is experienced in working to DDA signage design guidelines for the visually impaired.  

Brand Interiors.

Your office space is the key place to allow your brand to come alive. Whether it is through signage, wallpaper graphics, creative window manifestation or bespoke feature walls, having a strong brand interior design promotes your brand internally & enhances company culture. 

Brand interiors
wayfinding strategy

Wayfinding Strategy.

Whether it be a city, hotel, shopping centre or hospital, directing people around a space is a difficult task to undertake. We understand this and, starting with a wayfinding audit, can deliver a strategy that directs users in an effective way between each decision-making point. The strategy includes a signage family that when used together can tackle complicated building layouts. 

Event set design.

Our design team love to bring an event to life with their creative approach, technical knowledge & invaluable experience. Creating event sets that tell stories and engage visitors is the main focus. Delivering the message through creative design, graphics, signage & props. 

Events set design
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water visitor map graphic

Interpretation Design.

From wildlife to heritage, our interpretation designers aim to engage and educate visitors to outdoor spaces. We have extensive experience in developing signage themes, writing copy, capturing the spaces through photography and illustrating maps. We use our specialists in each creative field to produce interpretation packages to suit any environment. 

Visitor experience design.

Creating an experience that can captivate the public’s attention in an increasingly stimulating world can be challenging. Our team deliver solutions that can both educate and entertain your target audience. Using creative modern techniques, we have extensive industry experience to help you deliver a successful visitor experience. 

RNLI Visitor Centre project Barry Island
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We give meaning to any organisation, company, product, or service by creating and shaping a brand in the mind of consumers. By collaborating with consultants, strategists, and designers, we are a key force helping connect customers to your brand to drive business success.

branding mps education logo
3d Visualisation Hensol Castle Distillery

3d visualisation.

Our 3d specialists create hyper-realistic 3D scenes that showcase how a brand or design could look in the real world. Examples of 3d visualisation use cases include architectural projects, a new product that is yet to be physically created, or CGI blended into marketing material. Many things call for 3d visualisation as it isn’t always practical to use the real thing. 

Product Design.

Our technical design team produce innovative bespoke products that can add creativity, interest and the wow-factor to a variety of spaces. From unique products for visitor experiences and artistic public places, to imaginative signage or distinctive art pieces that bring personality and life to a business. 

Map illustration


We create visual imagery that meets any brief to make things clear and/or attractive for a multitude of purposes. Our talented in-house illustrators can work with all manner of illustrative design and style, either alone or in collaboration with your own illustration team. For extensive or specialist illustration projects we further onboard skilled illustrators we have a collaborative history with. 

Web Design.

We design and build websites that provide a digital experience that is coordinated with the behaviours and expectations of your target market. We understand that no size fits all, so we craft an aesthetic design and incorporate an effective user experience that exclusively fits your brand. Each website we build is built responsively to optimise both function and performance. 

Web design MPS Education
Photography Team Wales Photoshoot

Commercial Photography.

We offer professional commercial photography that can be used for all forms of digital and print media. From product or service launch photography and showcasing projects or premises in the best light, through to professional headshots of your team our photographers can undertake any project. 

Film Production.

We tell the unique story of your brand through our visually stunning script-to-screen film production fit for everything from social media campaigns to the big screen. The motion-picture quality branded video content that we produce is engaging, compelling and attention grabbing so that your message is visually communicated in the most effective way. 

Film production RNLI

Digital Marketing.

We help you build an online presence that attracts relevant traffic to the digital platforms that matter the most to you and your business. From ensuring your website and content is best optimised for the latest search engine algorithms, to social media management, launching and monitoring paid campaigns, creating and reacting to analytical reports, and all in between.


We write copy for any material that helps companies match their vision with the perfect voice and tone. We specialise in copywriting that elevates, differentiates, and – most importantly – connects with your audience in the most meaningful way. 

Copywriting RNLI
White labelling

White Labelling.

We fill service gaps by stepping into your brand’s culture and voice to work under your umbrella and take care of your or your client’s needs – all while making you look fantastic in the process. Our existing collaborative efforts with specialists across all aspects of the branding and marketing field sees us deliver the perfect solution that allows you to scale up.